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       Michael Cambareri made it three in a row, sweeping Brad Bodie 3-0 to retain the City Championship.  Brad had won the right to play in the title match after he swept the field in the Contenders Tournament with a perfect 5.0 score in the six player round robin event.  The match was played during the Spokane Falls Open on August 19-20.

        The USCF cross table link: http://www.uschess.org/msa/XtblMain.php?201708201422.0




         Michael Cambareri retained his City Championship, winning his match against John Frostad 3-0.  John put up spirited play against the defending champ, but let advantages slip away in the first two games, including a tough loss during a time scramble in the second game.  Congratulations to Michael! 

        The USCF cross table link: http://www.uschess.org/msa/XtblMain.php?201608148182




        Michael Cambareri is the new City Champion, turning the tables on defending champion Nikolay Bulakh in a match reminiscent of their 2014 encounter.  Each player won with white on the first day, and each won with black on the second day to tie the match at 2-2 and force a blitz play-off.  Michael won that play-off 3-2, with the white pieces winning each game.  The previous year saw Michael win the two Saturday games before Nikolay won the two Sunday games and then the ensuing play-off.

        The cross table link: http://www.uschess.org/msa/XtblMain.php?201508162042.1


        Michael Cambareri won the five player Contenders event with a 3.5 score, finishing just ahead of Jeremy Krasin.

        The contenders cross table: http://www.uschess.org/msa/XtblMain.php?201508016182



        Nikolay Bulakh was down, but not out, having to come back from a 2-0 first day deficit to force a playoff, and then come back again from the brink of elimination in the g/10 playoff to finally retain his crown in a classic match against Michael Cambareri.  On the first day Michael won with white against Nikolay's Sicilian defense, and then with black against an Evans Gambit, but Nikolay reversed the outcomes the next day in the same two openings!  The g/10 playoff would give the title to the first player to get to 3 points.  Michael had a lead of 2-1 before Nikolay won game four.  After a fifth game draw, Nikolay broke through in game six to cap a spectacularly entertaining title match.  The club congratulates both of these stalwarts for a tremendous effort.

        The USCF cross table link: http://www.uschess.org/msa/XtblMain.php?201408174402




        Gonzaga sophomore Nikolay Bulakh is the new city champion after defeating James Stripes 2.5-.5 in the City Championship match played July 13-14.  Nikolay won both games on the 13th, then fought to a draw in the third game to secure the crown.  The USCF cross table link: http://www.uschess.org/msa/XtblMain.php?201307146282.0



            For perhaps the last, John Julian, who is moving to Walla Walla this summer, won the City Championship match with a 2.5-.5 victory over James Stripes.  The title was the third for Julian, who also finished runner-up on three occasions.  This was James's second appearance in the title match.

           John beat James with nice endgame play in game three.  The first day's action saw good results for the black player.  James secured a draw in the first game of the match,  before John one-upped him in game two, winning with black.  The match was played July 14-15 in conjunction with the Spokane Falls Open. 

            The USCF cross table link: http://www.uschess.org/msa/XtblMain.php?201207158412.1




    John Julian defeated Michael Cambareri 2.5-.5 in a match played July 30, 2011 in conjunction with the Spokane Falls Open.  The title became vacant when David Sprenkle moved back to the midwest.  John won the first two games and the players settled for a draw late in game three, giving Julian his second City Champion title.

    The USCF cross table link: http://www.uschess.org/msa/XtblMain.php?201107312091.0-12577744




    Champ David Sprenkle made it four titles in a row when he defeated challenger John Julian 2.5-.5 in a match played August 21, 2010.  The champ won the first two games and then obtained the draw needed to retain the title.

    The USCF cross table link:  http://www.uschess.org/msa/XtblMain.php?201008229961-12788883




        Dave Sprenkle made it three in a row (and five of six) when he defeated John Julian 2.5-1.5 in a match held at Gonzaga July 16-19.  The first two games were drawn before Sprenkle broke through with a victory in round 3.  The fourth round game was hard fought, but the ensuing draw retained the championship for Sprenkle. 



Adam Attwood captured this scene from the fourth game of the city championship match.




        Dave Sprenkle won the City Championship for the fourth time in five years.  He dispatched challenger James Stripes 2.5-0.5 in the event played once again at Riverpark Square's Kress Gallery on July 10 & 12.  Games from the event can be found on our Game Corner page (link at left).




        The 2007 city championship match was a reprise of the 2006 affair -- except for the result.  David Sprenkle reclaimed the crown in a match held at Riverpark Square's Kress Gallery August 17-18 in conjunction with the first Spokane Falls Open.  Sprenkle used is knowledge of the Dutch Defense to refute John Julian's prepared analysis and take game one.  He followed that up the next day with a quick victory as white.  Needing only a draw to claim the title, Sprenkle neutralized Julian's Staunton Gambit in line three and achieved the draw and the title.  The crown was Sprenkle's third victory in four years.




       John Julian upset defending city champion David Sprenkle to claim the city crown in a four game match held at Aunties Bookstore August 25-27, 2006.  Julian, who won the right to challenge Sprenkle by winning the contender's match two weeks earlier, toppled the two time champion by winning game four of the match with the black pieces on Sunday.  The first three games had ended in draws, resulting in a final margin of 2.5 to 1.5 for Julian. 




    Defending champion David Sprenkle did not need to go into overtime this year,  defeating former champion Curt Collyer 2.5 to .5 to retain his title as City Champion. Sprenkle won both of his games with white and drew the only game he played with the black pieces.  This match was a replay of the 2004 pairing.  In that event Sprenkle won the final game to force a playoff in which he eventually triumphed.

Curt Collyer ponders a move in the second game of the match with Dave Sprenkle. [Photo by Randy Countryman].















 The City Championship, a staple of the Spokane chess scene in the 1960s, lapsed in the early 1970s until it was brought back in 2001 by Dave Rowles and Dawn Field. The event has been played at Aunties Bookstore since the revival.  Dave Griffin took over directing the event this year.  Collyer was the champion in 2001-2002-2003.



 New City Champion



 Curt Collyer ponders a move against David Sprenkle during the City Championship Match.

Photo by Ward Chow.



Newcomer David Sprenkle claimed the Spokane city championship, wresting the crown away from defending champ Curt Collyer in a play-off game following their four game match.  Collyer, 20, had won the three previous city championship matches since the revival of the event in 2001.  Curt won game one of the four game match with white.  The next two games were drawn, forcing Dave into a must-win final game.  Sprenkle pulled out the victory and forced a play-off.  Sprenkle drew the white pieces in the g/25 play-off and pulled out a victory with both clocks under a minute at the end.  The exciting conclusion capped a weekend of wonderful chess at Aunties Bookstore in downtown Spokane.

The city championship match, a staple of Spokane chess in the 1960s and early 1970s, was brought back in 2001 under the sponsorship of Dave Rowles.  Dave and his wife, Dawn Fields, have hosted the past four matches. Dave Griffin takes over as the sponsor of the 2005 event.  


                                                                                               Dawn Fields presents new champion David Sprenkle the city championship trophy at a ceremony at Auntie's Bookstore on September 24, 2004.

Photo compliments of Ward Chow




 Pat Herbers Perfect In Aunties Open

For the first time ever the Spokane Chess Club, along with Dave Rowles and Dawn Fields brought forth the Great Auntie’s Open.  This new event took place at Auntie’s Book Store August 14 and 15, and was run in conjunction with the Spokane City Championship.  The prize fund, which started at $400, ended up at $575 in total payout.  The event drew 29 players and Dave Rowles served as a house player.  There were four players from Missoula, MT as well as four from the Seattle area participating in the event.

The tournament had three sections overall: U/2000, U/1700/ & U/1400.  Because of the overwhelming number of players in the event overall allowed for the prize fund to be restructured.  The U/2000 section had 14 of the 30 players overall players, so it was rewarded two more prizes as well as the top section prize being raised to $70.

Pat Herbers was the only player in the top six players not to be drawn or beaten by a lower seeded player.  In fact Pat finished with a perfect 5.0 score to take first by himself after surviving an early scare from Garrett Morkill who took him to the limit in the opening round.  Pat then went on to finish Saturday as the only player with a 3.0 point score.  Then on Sunday Pat turned back both Chris Kalina & John Julian to claim the top prize unscathed. Other prizewinners were Geoff Gale of Seattle and Chris Drake of Spokane, tied for 2nd overall with 4.0 each.  Chris Kalina, John Julian, and Kirk Steinocher all tied for 2nd in the U/2000 category with 3.5 points apiece. Alex Morkill and James Stripes tied for the U/1700 prize with 3.0.  They both managed 5th round upset wins to claim a share of their class prize.  In the U/1400 category Jim Waugh, Zach Countryman, and newcomer Abe Kenney tied for 1st overall with 2.0 a piece.

the tournament had several upsets as well with at least one upset of more than 200 points in each round.  The first round started off with Waugh, Countryman, and Kenny Erickson getting the event off to an explosive start with all three of them recording upset draws.  The second round was more of the same for Countryman as he managed a 450 upset over Bill McBroom the largest in the event. Dan Copeland managed to keep the upsets rolling when he recorded a win in the second round as well.  In round three Garrett Morkill managed a draw with Dave Rowles.  On Sunday the upsets continued when Phil Weyland pulled off a fourth round upset win of his own.  James Stripes finished the upsets off with a win in his final round game. 

Finally, thank you to Dave Rowles and Dawn Fields, and Auntie’s Book Store that helped makes this first time event a great success.